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Webmaster's Weekly Roundup - 22 May 2020

By caitlin, 22-MAY-2020

Welcome to our second webmaster's weekly round-up :-) We're continuing to be impressed by the cool home pages people are creating on Vistaserv - here are some more of our favourites. We're planning to add features to make it easier to discover other members' home pages and improve the Vistaserv home page editing tool, but for now, you can browse through all home pages here.

Feeling inspired to get creative? We've just added a page of links called Home Page Tips 'n' Tricks, from CSS3 tricks through to a 1999 book about building GeoCities home pages.

If you've got a creative home page, let us know and we might just feature it in the future :-)


Despite some controversial opinions about waterfowl, we like this page's enterprising, always-under-construction spirit. We hope your future girlfriend has seen it.

home's homepage


Airwreck says their quest is "To make it onto the Vistaserv featured homepages list". We can't resist that kind of gumption, so consider your quest fulfilled!

airwreck's homepage


A button! Promising cats! We've clicked it multiple times and we're still waiting for the cats but we're sure they're on their way.

coffeemug's homepage


A meditation on leaves. We think this is quite lovely - remeniscent of the CSS Zen Garden, and a reminder to stop and notice the small things.

mazil's homepage


We like mimi's wordplay in Chinese. The background is a very nice shade of yellow, combined with such a friendly and forthright spirit, is a demonstration of everything we like about the fledgling Vistaserv community.

mimi's homepage


We've discovered some cool music on Vistaserv, including Andy, aka Re/search/er. This page also has a very good picture of a dog, and we're looking forward to reading the promised advice on "How to find love, be hot, and make millions".

researcher's homepage