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Webmaster's Weekly Roundup - 15 May 2020

By caitlin, 15-MAY-2020

What a week it's been at Vistaserv! We can't believe that so many people have visited our corner of the web, and we're impressed by the creative, weird and wonderful home pages that so many Vistaserv members have made! We've decided to start a weekly round-up to celebrate the cool home pages that we've spotted on Vistaserv.

If you've got a creative home page, let us know and we might just feature it in the future :-)


Music videos that you can watch from the comfort of your computer room!

votruba.ranch's homepage


A grouse page from a Vistaserv early adopter. Yes, that's a pure CSS marquee tag.

blah's homepage


A fan club for a New Zealand filmmaker named Peter Jackson - it looks like he's made some great quirky horror movies and we're sure he'll go far!

feebles's homepage


Mysterious magenta figures emerge from a cyber goth dungeon? Who are they? Can you help us solve the mystery?

dkdomino's homepage


Serious AI researchers trust Vistaserv to provide free web hosting while they're hunkering down waiting for the AI winter to thaw out.

james's homepage


Under-construction ASCII art - it's Geocities meets Usenet.

yot's homepage